Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quito, Ecuador- Childrens class room

A lack of space and quality of buildings was a challenge for this church of 200 on the mountainside above Quito.  We went there with 13 others from our church to work on a new building with underground parking.  This was actually a project that others also worked on at different times over three years.  We went all three years.

The gratuitude of these wonderful people made this small gift to their children something that will always stay as one of my best memories.

This class room was the only room for their 45 children.  It was about 10 by 10 and most of the students sat on the floor.

I didn't go prepared to paint so the details are pretty rough.  Another lady on the team painted the chairs for them.

I also painted in the existing sancutary behind the pulpit area

Our third visit to Quito we were able to help finish the new sancutary.  I helped paint and another artist and I painted the mural that is on the wall to the right of the platform.  They use it to gather small groups to study or pray.

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