Friday, December 9, 2011

Elementary school gym

I loved working with this principle for these great kids who raised the money for their gym remodel.

Mill Creek West Amo Wildcats Elementary
Expectations of

This gym was painted in Nov and Dec of 2011.  We hired a painter to do the yellow and blue stripe.  I did all the details.  The old brick was quite challenging to  paint even lettering on and there are some pipes that run right through the middle of some of them!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boys Bedroom-The world of Transportation

 The city to the right is on the same wall as the railroad crossing.  Getting the whole wall in one shot was impossible.
This is on the ceiling

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boy's Room - Woody Surfer

This full wall mural was painted for a 4 year old boy.  The brown surfboard has a place to mark his growth and the red is his had and foot prints.

Sometimes when you look back you see things you would like to change,
but then these aren't the Sistine Chaple to last for centuries.

Mirror for a little Princess

After hanging the mirror with regular mirror holders I painted around it then glued on  plastic stones.
Sometimes a job can be as simple as painting around a mirrror to make it special for a little princess.

Girl's Bedroom-Castle

This pink and purple castle will last this little girl many hours of playing princess

Girls Nursery - Secret Garden

This gate leads to wherever her little mind can imagine

The flowers were taken from the crib blanket

Dinning Room-Gate to Jerusalem

This homeowner wanted this dinning room as a place to share their love for God and Jesus.  It is also used as a place to study and pray.
Path to Jerusalem

The dark opening  leads into the kitchen

close up of window in stone wall
View from kitchen

The peices of the cross with the thron bush and nails

Quito Ecudor- Bible college office and dinning area


Quito, Ecuador- Childrens class room

A lack of space and quality of buildings was a challenge for this church of 200 on the mountainside above Quito.  We went there with 13 others from our church to work on a new building with underground parking.  This was actually a project that others also worked on at different times over three years.  We went all three years.

The gratuitude of these wonderful people made this small gift to their children something that will always stay as one of my best memories.

This class room was the only room for their 45 children.  It was about 10 by 10 and most of the students sat on the floor.

I didn't go prepared to paint so the details are pretty rough.  Another lady on the team painted the chairs for them.

I also painted in the existing sancutary behind the pulpit area

Our third visit to Quito we were able to help finish the new sancutary.  I helped paint and another artist and I painted the mural that is on the wall to the right of the platform.  They use it to gather small groups to study or pray.

Playroom-Bigger than Life

This room was painted as the waiting room for the prosecutors office downtown. After I finished all the furniture was replaced. The goal was to make it a special place for children to wait while their parrents were being interviewed.